Eleven-year-old Sophia is a brave, determined girl. She loves to ride horses and draw. She is also a cross-country runner. Sophia’s favorite color is red.

Sophia began coming to Tu Nidito this fall to attend grief support groups for kids who have experienced the death of a loved one. Sophia’s dad died of pancreatic cancer two years ago, just two years after her mom and dad adopted her. Before her parents brought her home, Sophia had been in foster care a few times, and the stability of home life with her parents was much needed. Her dad’s death, after only having him for two short years, was devastating. The grief support group that Sophia attends provides a community of support and stability, and it helps her feel even stronger and braver than she already is. Tu Nidito’s grief support program provides a safe, comfortable environment for children like Sophia to process their grief and heal.

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