We at H. Marion understand that art has an emotional component: the ability to transform an interior space and create a positive encounter. At the core of H. Marion’s philosophy is the understanding of this personal connection, and the potential for art to be life changing. Since every project has its own set of needs and its own personality, we know that no set formula will transform a space or realize a vision. The cornerstone of every project is our local artists’ program, that will ensure your art package is culturally inclusive, reflecting the unique personality of your region, while also representing your brand image. Utilizing Evidence-Based Design principles for our healthcare projects, our design team strives to create a unique patient and family centered healing environment through our art programs.


Focusing on the unique demands of the healthcare environment, our licensed ASID, IIDA interior designers and space planners offer programming, project management, budget preparation, purchasing, furniture specification, staging, installation and warehousing. Key materials can reduce noise levels and make the space more conducive for patients’ rest. To prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAI) and establish sterile areas, we specify seamless floors and countertops, anti-bacterial carpets, ceiling tiles, upholstery fabrics, and picture frame mouldings that kill bacteria on contact.


Successful environmental design connects visitors with your core message. It requires an in-depth understanding of your company culture, mission, and the target demographic you look to welcome when they walk through the door. Our large-scale graphic installations accentuate brand integration with wayfinding that can print on any type of substrate including paper, wallcovering, metal, or acrylic and, depending on the desired impact and available budget, can be printed as large as a billboard.


Available for patient communications or nursing stations, these magnetic, glass message boards are 100% non-staining and antimicrobial. Our 2-sided, quick-change print inserts can be branded to your organization, designed with vital patient care information specific to each department, and each board can have a unique room number and phone number printed on them. Developed in house, our graphic designers can create communication boards available in several styles and with no minimum order.


We have our own 5,000 square foot climate controlled production facility allowing us to manage multiple-phased projects simultaneously. Our skilled craftsmen treat every project like custom millwork, always upholding strict quality control standards. Whether it is art, signage or large-scale graphics, our products will have a high impact on your audience and act as an artistic expression of your organization’s brand. Our turn-key services allow us to meet any budget and deadline, no matter how aggressive.


Your project will be transported safely by H. Marion delivery vehicles and mounted by our own professional installation team: utilizing security hardware systems, scaffolds, and lifts where necessary. For our global clients we can crate and ship anywhere in the world. We guarantee your project will be on time and on budget.