Ever imagine riding 109 miles through the southwestern desert with a peloton of professional cyclists (and amateur enthusiasts, of course)? This month I have an opportunity to do just that.

Every year a  group of local riders travel to Tucson to participate in El Tour de Tucson. Not only is this road race a blast, but it is a major source of funding for the University Medical Center and a very special organization called Tu Nidito.

For the past 13 years, Tu Nidito has been the primary beneficiary of El Tour de Tucson with cyclists raising more than $200,000 for the cause each year. These funds are essential to Tu Nidito programs, providing more than 25% of their annual operating budget and supporting hundreds of children each year.

This will be my second year having registered to “Ride For a Child” at the University Medical Center’s 28th El Tour de Tucson. I have been paired with Scarlett, one of the special Tu Nidito kids. Each of these children has had their life impacted by the diagnosis of a serious illness or the death of a loved one. With our help and the support programs provided by Tu Nidito, these children have the tools, resources, comfort and support they need to get through these difficult times.

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