Spring cleaning time is fast approaching, and you may find treasures that you never knew you had. A look around the house could yield photos or objects hidden in an attic, an old trunk, or even a shoe box. These items often give glimpses into family history. What better way to preserve these memories than to frame them?

Snapshots and memorabilia tell a story, and are a nice way to remember a special person or activity. Embellishing the frame design with both a photograph and added certificate of recognition makes an impressive presentation. The person you are honoring or the family you are presenting to will have a memory to last a lifetime.

A nameplate with a description of the person’s accomplishments can also add to the design. Perhaps the person wrote something, and you want to use an excerpt beneath their photo. Collages of photographs or magazine articles can also be incorporated with a small commemorative plaque for a unique arrangement.

Whatever finished product you aim to achieve, we have the resources to create a beautiful custom-made mat and frame design for your project. We can frame your family photos using design styles and colors to achieve just the right look for your home. Whether your furnishings are contemporary or antique, we have the right design for you. A wall of family history is a pleasure for you and a conversation piece for your visitors.