Making your wedding unique is in the details-

Wedding season is upon us and it’s time to think about how to make the BIG DAY special. Whether you are the bride or a guest, incorporating specialty framing or custom graphics is the perfect way to make the experience truly unique and keep the memories alive.

Ketubah example above, with easy-access mat opening.


Here are some tips from the pros:

  • Still planning? Think about using a simple matted paper or stretched canvas for people to sign. Guests can also sign small wooden tokens and drop them into a customized shadowbox ‘memory bank’.  Both of these are unique takes on the traditional guestbook.
  • Take Care of Business. For couple’s whose weddings include a ketubah, it is important to have your ketubah mounted before the ceremony. We recommend matting in a neutral color, but a colored double mat can be a great way to support your theme. Flip open the front cover to sign during the ceremony, and display on an easel at the reception; the ketubah stays protected by the included mylar window.
  • Think Ahead. Collect small mementos (invitation, favors, etc.) from the shower or ceremony and incorporate them into a shadowbox with other items like the engagement or wedding photos as a gift for the happy couple! Dry press flowers from the bouquets or centerpieces to add texture and visual interest to the assembly. Want to make it more special? Make a copy of the marriage certificate and print it on high quality or colored paper to coordinate with the wedding décor.
  • Take it to another dimension: Our shadowboxes are completely customizable and we are prepared to help you find a framing solution for ANY dimensional item, no matter the shape or size. From dried bouquets to cake toppers and service ware-even accessories can be kept in pristine condition for years to come.
  • Wow them! Customize the frame assembly with unique mat cuts or written script designs. The couple’s initials, names, wedding date, or a verse from their favorite song is a thoughtful addition to the design. A wide variety of colored and textured mats ensures the finished product will be perfect in any space.


Our framing techniques can elevate the piece from simply a memory into a sophisticated, lifelong treasure. Every element of the design process is customizable, therefore the options are limitless!