Ensuring that your memories will last

With the historic Chicago Cub’s 2016 World Series win, we have received many custom project requests for preservation of historic and sentimental artifacts. Whether it be a signed jersey from your favorite player, your collection of season tickets, or the Sunday paper featuring your team’s big win, conservation quality framing is the perfect way to preserve these priceless collectibles.

Generally, the most effective method of preservation is to frame your items as quickly as possible to prevent degradation from improper handling, storage, and UV light exposure. Remember that each item is unique-your framer can recommend the most appropriate method for your specific project.

Should you elect not to frame your items, there are some important guidelines to follow when it comes to storage:

  • Store items in an acid-free container
  • Keep items covered and away from UV light
  • Make sure that items are stored in a climate controlled environment; attics, basements and garages do not offer suitably stable temperature and humidity
  • If possible, handle items with clean, cotton gloves to prevent soiling/transfer of oils from your skin


Left: A client who is a 20 year season ticket holders cleaned out their ticket drawer and put the most memorable game’s stubs into a custom design frame assembly as a gift for her husband Center: A “before” shot from the framing session for a Chicago Tribune front page Right: An “after” shot of the frame assembly for the Tribune article