Project Description

Baylor Scott & White Sports Medicine

Waco, TX

It should come as no surprise that football features prominently in the art program we created for this sports medicine facility located in Waco Texas. A series of 10’ high columns adjacent to their running track offered a perfect backdrop for our designers to showcase 7 different athletic endeavors in an uplifting wall graphic we printed on a durable vinyl wallcovering.

Across from this is a workout area where therapists direct patients through all sorts of rehab exercises including medicine ball wall slams. The users were clear that this message needed to be faith based so we layered religious passages on a beautiful healing photograph, then printed it all on durable P-Lam panels….bulletproof!

Utilizing local artists was the cornerstone of this design effort. All the graphics we created, the murals and the framed art in this facility celebrate the unique culture and geography of this central Texas rehab center.