Project Description

Baylor Scott & White Clinic Oak Hill

Austin, TX

We wouldn’t necessarily call Austin weird, but if you lived there you sure would!

We needed this art program to be fun and engaging for this unique patient population yet tasteful and consistent with the health systems brand image. Our design team introduced a wide range of unique art solutions to complement the standard framed paper and canvas prints.

We found a local artist who creates contemporary works using actual glass glitter-very sparkly! Other unique print substrates included acrylic and metal including one contemporary, you might even say “funky” wall sculpture for the cafeteria space on the first level. The real jewel in the crown of this program are the several graphic design murals our design team created in house, all which celebrate the unique qualities of living in the Austin area. Locals love the outdoors, food and music which are all represented in these murals. In fact, someone from Austin might even say “I Love You So Much….”, and if you’ve been to Austin, you’ll know what that means!