Project Description

TCH Urgent Care

Austin, TX

Every square inch of this Urgent Care Clinic is covered with hand painted murals. Houston-based TCH expanded into the Austin market, making an effort to embrace regional artisans and culture.  We contracted with a local muralist to develop an Austin music themed clinic that not only celebrated their unique culture, but also created a patient friendly healing environment to calm and engage all ages.

Enter the clinic and see the characters getting their festival wrist band. Join them and take a photo in front of the Willie Nelson statue. Laugh at the characters paying $8 for water after eating a $1 CALIENTE taco!

Dodge the tumble weed and hang out at the folk music stage with two crickets (no judgement against folk music!). Stand in line at the port-o-potti with the other characters, purchase your “BACON RULZ” T-shirt and see if you are assigned to exam room dialed up to 11 (subtle Spinal Tap reference). Inside each exam room you’re treated to something unique that you’d see at an Austin festival.  Can you figure out why the Chicken-Beatles crossed Abby Road?!

It’s OK for the adults to enjoy this too!!