Project Description

Encore Event Technologies

Arlington Heights, IL

Encore Event Technologies is “the leading provider of unique, creative and innovative in-house audiovisual services for hotels, conference centers and resorts throughout North America”; everything we did for this client reinforced their brand. Since they work globally, we designed a world map which was laser cut from aluminum, then sliced into vertical panels to accommodate the curved entry wall in their corporate office. To enforce the brand, we commissioned a local artist to create a fun, graffiti-like painting highlighting their brand words in their corporate color of blue.

Encore’s branding—Unique/Creative/Innovative—are key words that inspire and motivate this group. In addition to incorporating these three words into their graffiti paintings, they were fabricated into dimensional wall letters for key creative studio areas. We printed and framed photos of each property project onto metal panels for display throughout their corporate headquarters. Finally, we custom designed three original collage prints, featuring the cities across the globe where they have clients.