Project Description

Delnor Hospital

Geneva, IL

The cornerstone of the art program for Cadence Health’s Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago was the over-sized fish mobile, hung 20′ above the pediatric waiting area.

Our goal was to create something uniquely decorative to act as a sensory distraction and coordinate with the aquatic theme already established by the Cadence design team. Our solution was this fish mobile: each fish hangs from a rod that allows subtle movement, while keeping them all pointing in the same direction, just like a “real school of fish.”

Various sizes and shapes of fish were cut from acrylic and colored to match the interior finishes with the exception of a single yellow fish. As intended, this yellow fish has become a topic of conversation, allowing for sensory distraction for the clinic’s young patients. One administrator at Cadence asked if our intent was to imply that the yellow fish signifies that it’s OK to be different.  Although that was not our intent, what is clear is that art has an emotional component and that everyone who views it can have their own experience. Our response to her was in the form of a question: “Do you often see yourself as the yellow fish?” to which she replied, “YES I DO!”