Project Description

Barton Senior Residences

Chicago, IL

Located in the heart of the Illinois Medical District of Chicago, Barton Senior Residences provide Supportive Living and Skilled Nursing. Our design team applied their broad spectrum of talents to transform the existing common living spaces at Barton to positively affect those in the space through beauty, stress reduction, and improved well-being.

Our interior designers employed a strong use of biophilic design; the use of elements that reconnect us to nature and elicit restorative responses. Biophilic design allows us to interpret nature through finishes such as natural stacked wall stone, oxidized steel, wooden furniture and flooring products. The addition of working fireplaces adds visual warmth while encouraging social gathering and interaction, improving cognitive functions and emotional connections.

The art we selected is crisp, bright and clear, reflecting nature as well as the surrounding community. Flowing colors, combined with different art mediums brings a varying sense of texture into the space, while sculptural and dimensional pieces add interest and depth to the rooms.

Unable to relocate an otherwise unsightly resident call control panel at the front reception desk, we cleverly thought out a work around. We fitted the resident security system boxes into a custom tailored print alternate substrate panel enclosure. The existing boxes integrate seamlessly with the urban cityscape art image while maintaining full accessibility to the security panel system.

“We believe you can start to restore someone’s health by restoring their environment.”