Project Description

Deer Path Inn

Lake Forest, IL

We worked closely with the administration of this upscale, historic hotel and dining venue, which was styled after a 15th century, English manor. All of the art selections we made needed to preserve the romantic character of this classic English inn. We commissioned artists to paint large-scale portraits and English hunting scenes consistent with the style of the inn and displayed them in ornate, gilded frames. As you enter the pub area we created a frame display of an authentic Scottish kilt, sporran, and clan pin.

The hardwood display case has LED lighting on the top and bottom and is recessed into the wall to allow unrestricted access. Adjacent to this area are similar displays of lighted boxes featuring a series of sporrans, clan pins, clan tartans, and are complete with plaques naming the clan and their motto. We took great care in researching these specifics to ensure each display box would accurately represent each clan.  A true historian would be proud!