Project Description

Presence Saint Francis Hospital

Evanston, IL

H. Marion Art Consultants worked closely with the CNO and Department Directors to renovate 264,700 square feet of hospital space during St. Francis’ 10 year renovation plan, which included a multi-paneled photo above the main reception area. The Wolf Auditorium is used for hospital meetings and is system wide, so the art presentation needed to be upscale without offering any distractions from the presenters. Healing organic x-ray images were printed on translucent acrylic and floated 2″ off the painted drywall surface. The soft hues coordinate nicely with the other interior finishes and look great in bright or dim lighting conditions.

Family and visitors waiting for loved ones to come out of surgery sit in this peaceful, stress-free environment. Framed garden prints complement live flowers and a colorful fish tank, offering the right amount of visual stimulation in an otherwise subdued environment. Each room received a new piece of art, which featured a strong horizon line, and a custom patient communication board. Our graphic designers worked closely with the CEO to develop clinical prompts specific to each unit. Each board is flush mounted and has a tempered glass, non-staining/anti-microbial writing surface. Staff and visitors can relax in this newly renovated cafeteria, featuring food-themed framed prints. An organization with an art program like this says “We care about your health!” to its visitors and staff alike.