Project Description

Northwest Community Hospital

Arlington Heights, IL

Northwest Community Hospital looked to us for a creative way to display the portraits of their Board of Directors, Medical Executive Committee, past presidents and CEO’s in a prominent location as you enter the hospital.  We’ve also created displays that feature outstanding employees who demonstrate their mission, vision, and values.

Inside the entrance of the hospital we created MEC and BOD walls showcasing dimensional letters above individually printed portraits on acrylic. Accompanying these portraits is an acrylic panel identifying the groups and their relevance to the hospital, creating a cohesive display for the viewer. Our installers securely mounted this assembly into the existing mill work, making certain that panels could be replaced as needed to reflect changes in the BOD and MEC.

The Cancer Center’s basement location presented a challenge when designing the art program; devoid of windows and natural light, we strategically used imagery to lighten the space. All of the healing images selected are bright and uplifting, the cornerstone of the entire art program being the large landscape panorama that was designed to be built into the wall and back-lit to emulate an actual picture window.