Project Description

Sports Memorabilia Framing

There are two categories of memorabilia; collectible items that have value and ephemera which are decorative items originally expected to have a short-term usefulness or popularity. Sometimes it’s not clear however if something will eventually become valuable so it’s important to make the right choices in framing materials. Use of acid free mats and UV filtering glazing products provides inexpensive insurance that your items will not change color or signatures fade. Mounting is the most critical aspect of any sports memorabilia project.

Jerseys need to be sewn down without glue or adhesives so that one day if they are removed from our frame they’ll be in exactly the same condition as when we framed them. Custom mount brackets and other creative solutions are offered depending on what you bring in to frame. Choose wisely, but in either event our experienced design consultants can offer creative display options for your precious works.