Magis (pronounced màh-gis):
Founded on the principles of diversity, service, and spirituality, Magis is about creating a lifestyle of striving to do “more” for humanity.

One of our give-back programs involves a day at the Ronald McDonald Children’s Hospital, dozens of acrylic paint colors, a crate full of raw wood picture frames and the enthusiasm of the young patients and their families to paint with us. Some activities take place in an activity room, others bedside for those too sick to venture out. At the end of the day, not only have we provided a break in the cycle of day-night-day and seemingly endless barrage of tests, but an art therapy project which yields a hand-painted picture frame that may be proudly displayed for years to come.

I am grateful for my relationship with LUMC, which affords me the opportunity to touch the lives, albeit briefly, of some brave young patients and their families.

In appreciation, one hospital administrator offered a Jesuit interpretation of our contribution:

     “On our campus we have a favorite Latin word, “Magis.” We recognize Magis behaviors among our staff and faculty and promote this as a way to provide excellence in service. Your work here is a great example of Magis.”