A Local Stained Glass Artist’s Contribution to the Art Program at UTMB’s Jennie Sealy Hospital

Top, Right: Meditation Room at Jennie Sealy Hospital Top, Left: Close up of Artist’s Statement Plaque Bottom, Left: Meditation Room at Jennie Sealy Hospital

The primary goal for the art program at Jennie Sealy Hospital was to demonstrate the health system’s connection to the island community. H. Marion’s design team achieved this by means of a carefully curated local artist program utilizing local imagery and materials when possible.

For the meditation room the client requested a feature piece that would create a serene and peaceful atmosphere more spiritual than religious in interpretation, and peaceful and welcoming to whomever steps foot inside. After visiting many galleries and speaking with locals, our design team met with Houston native glass artist, Kim Clark Renteria. The resulting beautiful stained-glass window was commissioned to serve as a continuously evolving piece of art. While the stained glass itself is static, the ever-present play of migrating light from the lobby through the colored, textured panes creates a constantly shifting ethereal glow.

As discussed in the accompanying artist’s statement, Kim did a wonderful job to ensure the finished design embodies the spirit and personality of the island by including vintage plates and glass discs, drawing deep into the historic past of the island community. The soft natural colors of the island are represented in the carefully placed panes and flowing textures, conjuring up memories of sand and surf as they refract light into interesting patterns on the adjacent wall. Combined with the large-scale fluffy cloud wall covering illuminated by recessed lighting in the ceiling, this custom piece helps creates a truly peaceful, healing respite within the hospital.

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