Tempered Glass Patient Communication Boards

A Brilliant Solution to Facilitate Communication

Whether back-printed or with quick change printed inserts, these glass message boards can be branded to your organization, with clinical prompts specific to your needs. Designed to feature vital patient care information, each board can have a unique printed room number and phone number. Every department in your hospital can have their own version based on the unit and type of medicine being practiced.

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We have developed several styles of glass message boards providing a practical solution for staff and patients to communicate. Every hospital board we manufacture features the following:
  • Tempered glass writing surface: 100% non-staining/non-ghosting
  • Anti-microbial, quick-change inserts printed single or double-sided
    • Perfect for English/Spanish applications
  • Unique room and phone numbers printed on each board
  • Magnetic surface
  • Optional marker trays
  • Glass boards available in any size with no minimum order

Our versatile line of hospital communication boards offers an effective way to improve patient satisfaction scores. Since our patient boards are 100% antimicrobial, they can drastically cut down on hospital-acquired infections (HAI).

We encourage the use of permanent markers (Sharpies) for writing on our tempered glass boards. The copy will stay put until you want it gone, and then is easily remove with water and a paper towel-leaving no residue behind! Don’t run the risk of a HIPPA violation with other boards that may ghost critical and private patient information over time.

Patient Boards

You can submit your own artwork or have one of our graphic designers develop a patient information board that feature unique room and phone numbers. We will also make sure that your message board is branded to your hospital. Our graphic designers will work with your CNO and administrators to create a board that features clinical prompts specific to your hospital and department. Here are some examples of patient boards which utilize clinical prompts printed on a plastic insert. If you need to change your message, simply toss out the old inserts and we’ll print you a new set. Maximize the investment you’ve made in your glass communication boards with new printed inserts.

Nurse Station Boards

We can also develop an information board for your nurse station. These staff information boards tend to be larger as the communication needs between nurses is very different than that between nurse and patient: even going as large as wall to wall and floor to ceiling if needed. They can be simple consisting of a black grid type pattern or include colors and graphics specific to the function of your department. Just like our patient information boards, they are all made from tempered glass and feature a non-staining, non-ghosting, magnetic and anti-microbial writing surface.  Allow our graphic designers to develop a magnetic communication board that suits the function of every department.